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SheBuilds - Concordium Hackathon



Building the future of identity. Create the foundation for the next generation of use cases which have ID, privacy and accountability at their core.


Concordium will be giving away a total cash prize of $550 for the best hacks built during the hackathon. Integrating the ID will get you extra points! 

  • $300 for 1st 

  • $150 for 2nd 

  • $100 for 3rd 


Examples of dApps and tooling which could be built. Feel free to use this as inspiration rather than being constrained by only developing the things on this list. 

  • Timestamp application: User can connect with his web wallet, upload data and store the hash value of it on Concordium. There should be a default address to make the transaction as an alternative option if he doesn't want to sign it.

  • Transfer CCD with age check: Implement a dApp that checks the user's age is older than 18 before placing the transaction.

  • Implement a simple P2E game: Implement a very simple dice game that allows players to lock some CCDs in a contract and pays after someone wins.

  • Implement a rental NFT Contract: Implement a smart contract that allows people to rent an NFT for some time for some CCDs. If time expired, NFT transfer back to the original owner from user. Use concordium-client to test it and document it to showcase all steps.

  • Implement a soulbound token Contract: Implement a smart contract for SoulBound tokens. A soul bound token is a special form of an NFT that can not be transferred but revocable and expirable. Use concordium-client to test it and document it to showcase all steps.

Bonus: Build a front-end to showcase these use-case.

These are just ideas - use your imagination and build something that excites you and is a powerful use case!


Submission Guidelines


  • Submit the GitHub link of your publicly visible source code of the hack on Devfolio. Submissions with broken links will be marked ineligible for prizes.

  • There must be a clear description about the working of the hack in the README file. If the hack is live and can be tested, add the relevant links to that in the README file as well.

  • Create a short video demo of the hack and upload to YouTube or any video sharing site. Make sure that the person watching the video is fully able to understand what the product you’ve built does and what its functionalities are. Share the link on your Devfolio Submission.

  • Make sure you've mentioned Concordium in the Technologies Used section and selected the appropriate track while submitting the project.


Getting started 


The judging will be done by the Concordium team on basis of submissions based on Devfolio, post the hackathon. Awarding the prize will be at the discretion of the Concordium team and subject to the hacks meeting a minimum bar of quality. Prizes will be announced and disbursed within a couple of days after the hackathon. Amount will be paid out in stablecoin in case of recipient not having an Indian bank account.

Judging Criteria 

  • Met bounty requirements - found in submission guidelines 

  • Originality & creativity - how novel and innovative is the idea?

  • Complexity - how technically complex is the idea?

  • Quality - is the code well-written?

  • Testing & QA - how well tested is the idea and does it work?

  • Documentation - has the video demo been created?








  1. 4th January - Protocol Overview (1 hour) 

    • About Concordium

    • ID overview

    • Set up your dev environment (rust, browser-wallet, cargo-concordium, concordium-client)

    • Writing a smart contract

    • Workshop Recording: 

  2. 5th January - Building dApps on Concordium (1 hour) 


What is Concordium? 


Concordium is a public-layer 1, science-backed blockchain, designed to balance privacy with accountability through its ID layer.  


Concordium differs by offering nearly instantaneous, real finality with low transaction fees, stable in FIAT terms. With leadership from Volvo, IKEA, Credit Suisse, and 52M EUR raised to date, the team are now scaling the chain to their extensive network of the world's biggest enterprises.

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