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October 15th - October 22nd, 2023

Welcome to the Shebuilds-Hacktoberfest, a week-long tech extravaganza that empowers you to dive into the world of open source and tech collaboration!


Day 1 (15th October) : Opening Ceremony of SheBuilds-Hacktoberfest

Day 2 (16th October) : Get started with Git and GitHub.


Day 3 (17th October) : Join us for a keynote talk on Hacktoberfest and discover the collaborative power of open source.

Day 4 (18th October) : Explore GitHub Codespaces and boost your efficiency.

Day 5 (19th October) : Learn how to find the perfect open source project to contribute to.

Day 6 (20th October) : Dive into the world of technical documentation and understand large codebases.

Day 7 (21st October) : Seize opportunities through networking and create your online presence in the open source community.

Day 8 (22nd October) : Enjoy fun activities and find out who our winners are!

Online Class

Don't miss out on 'Shebuilds-Hacktoberfest.' Mark your calendar and get ready to embark on this exciting tech journey with us!

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